This is a blog by the Land Resources Division (LRD), Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), aimed at practitioners and professionals within LRD, more widely in SPC and across the Pacific region.  It focuses on the economic aspects of topics that are of central concern to the objectives of the Land Resources Division, which are:

Objective 1: Improved food and nutritional security

Objective 2: Integrated and sustainable agricultural and forestry resource management and development

Objective 3: Improved biosecurity and increased trade in agriculture and forestry products

LRD comprises the following teams which strive to achieve these objectives:

  • Animal Health and Production
  • Biosecurity and Trade
  • Genetic Resources
  • Land Use Management
  • Forests and Trees
  • Forestry and Agriculture – including agribusiness
  • Crop Production
  • Plant Health
  • Climate Change

The blog is administered and written (except where otherwise specified) by Jonathan Bower – jonathanb [at] spc [dot] int. Jonathan is the LRD Economist for the European Union funded Fiji-based Improving Key Services to Agriculture project, and former ODI Fellow 2010-2012.

Any views expressed herein are those of the author alone or sources quoted and not of LRD or SPC.

For more information about LRD, SPC, visit: the LRD web site.

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