1000 hits – thanks!

A big thank you to LRD Economics readers for your interest and support: this blog now has over 1000 hits since its launch in June and that number is steadily growing.

I’ve been on leave for just over a week but more posts to come soon.  Today on my first day back I’m attending a very interesting workshop from the Pacific Climate Change Science Program, learning about what tools and publications are available on climate change in the Pacific and meeting a number of interesting climate change-engaged people from the Fiji government, University of the South Pacific, SOPAC-SPC, AusAid and ADB.  The second part of the workshop is training the participants to use climate change prediction software for Fiji, which will be publicly available from December for all Pacific Island Countries.  My own reasons for being here are to network and get up to speed on climate change science, tools and publications in the Pacific as I am putting together an LRD proposal that links climate change to both land administration and sustainable land management in the Pacific region.   I hope to finish this soon.

But I digress…this is just to say: thank you for your interest in the blog and please keep on visiting for updates.


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