“A Great Success: World Bank has a 70% failure rate with ICT-for-development projects to increase universal access”

Some links for those of us interested in leveraging ICT for development in the Pacific region, including use of GIS and information portals.

  • This story I found on Yale economist Chris Blattman’s blog on how the World Bank is evaluating its 4.2 billion dollars worth of ICT programs with impressive honesty.
  • This is the actual report from the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group
  • This presentation from the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, funded by UK’s DfID, on portal proliferation syndrome which outlines the problem, particularly in the world of climate change projects, of portals cropping up left, right and centre without coordination, and what to do about it.  Also here is a discussion of the subject from a CDKN blog.

Also of interest on GIS and economics:

  • The role of GIS in doing economics – by which I mean conducting policy-relevant empirial research.  GIS has the potential to add a whole range of spatially relevant socioeconomic variables, which can help to explore and explain causal relationships in economics.  That is, after the institutional issues have been taken care of!
  • Here is an example of an economic study, on “cost-effective land retirement”, undertaken using GIS data.
  • Here is an older example of GIS being used to verify insurance claims after a hurricane in North Carolina, USA. 
  • Here is an example of an attempt to measure the benefits and costs of GIS, although this seems to me extremely hard in the Pacific.

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