New Data Visualisation Tool Tells the Story of Agriculture, Climate Change and the Green Economy

I noticed this from the latest LRD Climate Change Bulletin: A new interactive infographic has been launched by Farming First.  Take a look at the screen shot, it’s extremely well presented.  Text below is straight from the LRD bulletin.

Called “The Story of Agriculture and the Green Economy”, it takes existing data and statistics from the world’s leading research organisations (including the FAO, IFAD, Stern Report, ODI, World Bank, IFPRI, WTO, WHO, IWMI among others) and turns them into beautiful visuals depicting the link between the world’s small farmers and climate adaptation/mitigation efforts, economic growth, employment, food security, poverty reduction and sustainable resource management.

All 17 of the individual images within the infographic can also be Tweeted or embedded freely so that people can easily spread the word. The Gates Foundation has also just awarded Farming First the “Best Infographic” award in its recent “Small Farmers are the Answer” competition, chosen from amongst 140 entries in total. The web link to the infographic is:


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